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Except as otherwise provided by Board policy, all system-level contracts made on behalf of the Board of Education involving expenditures exceeding one hundred twenty-five thousand ($125,000) must receive prior approval from the Board. Unless otherwise prohibited by statute, state regulation, or other Board policy, the Superintendent or his/her designee is authorized to enter into purchase, service, construction and repair contracts involving amounts up to one hundred twenty-five thousand ($125,000) as long as the purchase is within the remaining funds in the allocated budget for the current fiscal year. The Superintendent is authorized to enter into contracts for the purchase of textbooks, fuel, gasoline and oil in any amount, as long as the purchase is within the remaining funds in the allocated budget for the current fiscal year. The reporting for purchases over the $125,000 limit shall be made monthly to the Board.

All system-level contracts must be pre-audited by the Finance Officer before they are awarded.

This policy shall not apply to items that must be purchased under the requirements of the State Division of Purchase and Contract. In addition, all contracts involving construction or repair work or purchase of apparatus, supplies, materials or equipment must be undertaken in compliance with Chapter 143 of the North Carolina General Statutes and Board policies.

School Principal Contracting Authority

School principals may enter into contracts for:

  1. School pictures;
  2. Yearbooks and school newspapers;
  3. Fundraising activities undertaken in compliance with Board policies;
  4. Disc jockeys/bands and facilities for dances to be paid for with school funds;
  5. Athletic officials and other persons working at athletic events to be paid from athletic funds derived from gate receipts;
  6. Class rings;
  7. Caps and gowns; and
  8. Senior supplies (i.e., invitations, note cards, class keys, etc.).

School principals may enter into other contracts for goods or services in amounts up to $5000 without prior approval, provided there are sufficient funds in the local school account to cover the contract and the contract is executed during the current fiscal year. Contracts exceeding $5000 must be approved by the Finance Officer.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-522; 143, article 8; 143-129, -129.9, -131, -135.9

Adopted: September 14, 2009

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