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Rules and Procedures - Facility Use - Regulation 5030R [See Policy 5030.]


I. Rules and Procedures

A. These Rules and Procedures are developed by the Superintendent under the authority granted by Board Policy 5030. To the extent any of these Rules and Procedures conflict with Policy 5030, Board Policy shall control.

B. A copy of pertinent Rules and Procedures shall be given to each user when Facility Use Contract is signed and shall be part of Facility Use Contract by attachment and reference.

C. Violation of rules and procedures shall result in contractee being denied use of contracted facility and future use of facilities indefinitely.


  1. Facility Rental Application Process:
    a. Contact the school where the facility is located which you would like to rent;
    b. Confirm with principal or his/her designee that your requested date is available;
    c. Principal or his/her designee inputs the contract;
    d. Contract is sent electronically to the facility rental manager (including rental and supervisor fees);
    e. Facility rental manager confirms all fees and approves contract;
    f. Facility rental manager either mails or faxes the contract to the contractee or the contract is available at the Central Office, depending on the contractee’s choice;
    g. Contractee signs contract and returns it to the facility rental manager along with a check payable to Chatham County Schools at least seven (7) days but no more than ninety (90) days prior to event; and
    h. Receipt/confirmation is mailed to the contractee once the contract is signed and paid in full
  2. Schools and school-related groups shall be given priority use of facilities.
  3. Reservations with request for fee waiver consideration must be submitted no less than forty-five (45) days prior to event. All other reservations must be made at least fourteen (14) days prior to event. Facility Use Contract must be signed and paid in full at least seven (7) days but no more than ninety (90) days prior to event.
    a. Current contractees have a right to renew before other applications will be considered.
    b. Current contractees must notify the school twenty-eight (28) days prior to renewal.
    c. Although school facilities are available for community use, programs operated by the school system take precedence in the use of facilities. Once community use of a facility has been approved by the school and district, that use will take priority for the space and every effort will be made to honor the reservation. If an emergency arises, the principal will be expected to provide at least a one-week notice to the community group. If less than a one-week notice is provided, the principal will attempt to find alternative space for the community group's activity.
    d. All groups claiming non-profit status bear the responsibility to verify this status by supplying relevant documentation if requested by Chatham County Schools. This may include submitting a copy of your tax return showing tax-exempt status.
  4. Contracts may not be transferred or assigned from one group to another. In order to receive a refund, cancellations must be at least five (5) working days prior to the scheduled event. A processing fee of 25% will be charged when an event is canceled. If notification is not given five (5) working days prior to the event, no refund will be given.
  5. All property and facilities owned, used, or maintained by Chatham County Schools are 100% tobacco free. Possession and/or use of tobacco products is prohibited. The use of open flames is prohibited. The consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages, drugs, and/or intoxicants is prohibited on school property. Weapons, disruptive behavior (i.e. fighting or use of profanity), and gambling on school property are also prohibited. The principal or facility rental manager has the right to cancel (or refuse) facility use when improper or disorderly conduct is evidenced during the use of school property.
  6. It is unlawful for a sex offender to be on school premises.
    G.S. Article 27A Part 2 14-208.18. Sex offender unlawfully on premises.
    (a) It shall be unlawful for any person required to register under this Article, if the offense requiring registration is described in subsection (b) [subsection (c)] of this section, to knowingly be at any of the following locations:
    (1) On the premises of any place intended primarily for the use, care, or supervision of minors, including, but not limited to, schools, children's museums, child care centers, nurseries, and playgrounds.
  7. No activity may start later than 9:00 pm or continue after 11:00 pm without the principal’s permission. School facilities shall be available for use by organized community groups on Sundays after 1:00 pm, unless the individual school principal makes an exception.
  8. The contractee must carry out an inspection of the areas prior to the start of the rental time and at the conclusion of the rental time. Any damages existing prior to the start of the rental time or resulting from the facility rental must be reported to the principal or his/her designee.
  9. All activities must be under the supervision of an approved Chatham County Schools employee, or a Board of Education approved facility supervisor (age 21 or older). Individual keys may be checked out by the facility supervisor but not to members of the public.
  10. The facility supervisor shall be in charge of supervising the building(s) and grounds at all times when contractee is using the property. The facility supervisor should give notice to the principal of the existence of any damage, excess trash before the event. The contractee, along with all participants, spectators, and persons otherwise present in the specific area of the facility for which a contract has been granted, shall adhere to all school system policies and procedures.
  11. When in use, the contractee/sponsoring organization assumes full responsibility of payment for all damages to the building, grounds and/or equipment. The facility supervisor must be in attendance at all times to accept responsibility for:
    a. The care of the school facility and equipment;
    b. The conduct of the group using the facility;
    c. Confining the groups’ activities to area and equipment assigned;
    d. Turning out lights, locking building, and setting the alarm; and e. Vacating premises at arranged times.
  12. Only facilities specifically approved by the principal or facility rental manager are to be used. Designated restroom facilities are a part of the facilities’ contract.
  13. Kitchen facilities are rented only under the direction, guidance and assistance of cafeteria manager or designee of the manager. The supervisory fee is paid by the contractee/sponsoring organization. This cost will be in addition to any regular fee, which may be charged for facility use.
  14. Designated classrooms may be rented during the school year. They must be left in readiness for regular day classes. The contractee/sponsoring organization is responsible to see that the area used is clean and all furniture and equipment is back in its original place. All trash is to be taken out of trashcans and placed in the facility’s dumpster. Failure to comply may result in denial of future rental privileges.
  15. Gymnasiums will be rented for athletic events only. Only the use of the gymnasium-playing floor will be permitted. Only rubber-soled shoes are to be worn on the playing floor. The use of lockers, showers, apparatus, and other athletic equipment belonging to the school will not be permitted.
  16. Playing fields may be rented provided the grounds are left in good order. Fields should not be used in inclement weather or at any time the principal determines the field is not in condition for use.
  17. Concession rights shall be reserved for the school where the facilities are being used. Concession facilities may not be rented or used by community groups.
  18. Only school furniture provided for a particular facility may be used. Any rearrangements of it must be done by the contractee/sponsoring organization and with the permission of the principal.
  19. When activities involve minors (age 17 and under), additional adult supervision must be provided on a ratio of at least one adult to 25 minors. Arrangements for adult supervision must be cleared with the principal.
  20. The contractee/sponsoring organization shall have authority over and responsibility for participants, spectators, or otherwise present in the specific area of the facility for which a contract has been granted. The contractee/sponsoring organization is responsible for the areas authorized for use.
  21. Police protection, if requested by the principal or facility rental manager, must be arranged by the contractee/sponsoring organization. Chatham County Schools’ recommendation is a ratio of at least one officer for every 200 attendees.
  22. Anything of an unusual nature (i.e. exotic animals) may not be brought on school property without approval of the principal. The contractee/sponsoring organization, upon termination of the rental period, must remove any such approved items.
  23. The Chatham County Board of Education will not be responsible for personal loss or injury sustained by any person who is a participant, spectator, or otherwise present during the time school facilities, including playgrounds and outdoor facilities, are being used by groups or persons who have contracted use of the facilities.
  24. The –Board of Education shall have authority to reduce or waive facility use fees for school facility use by public interest groups that support Chatham County students or school programs. Reservations with request for fee waiver consideration must be submitted no less than forty-five (45) days prior to event. All groups claiming non-profit status bear the responsibility to verify this status by supplying relevant documentation if requested by Chatham County Schools. This may include submitting a copy of your tax return showing tax-exempt status.

II. Special Facility Use Requests

A. Chatham County Schools Facility Use Policy addresses the use of school facilities and kitchen equipment only. The principal must approve the use of athletic equipment, pianos, sound systems, floodlights and other school equipment.

B. In order to provide service and facilities to the communities and organizations within the county, Chatham County Schools is willing to address and accommodate a wide range of responsible, community enhancing requests. Areas and ideas for community facility use not specifically detailed in this policy can be considered.

CCS Rules and Procedures – Facility Use – Effective 07/01/09, Revised 4/7/14, Revised 6/2/14, Revised 7/21/14, Revised 9/1/14, Revised 12/14/15

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