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NAMING FACILITIES   Policy Code:   9300

The board considers naming facilities to be a significant endeavor since the name of a facility can reflect upon the students, staff, school system and community.

The superintendent shall involve the staff and students assigned to the facility and the students’ parents in the process of identifying possible names for a new school facility or facility being renamed. The superintendent shall consider the following criteria as well as other factors the superintendent determines to be relevant in identifying potential names for the facility:

  1. the name should not be so similar to the names of existing facilities as to cause confusion;
  2. the name should include a designation of the type of school, such as elementary, middle or high, or a brief description of a specialized kind of school;
  3. the name may be in honor or memory of an individual who has helped students in this school system succeed through financial contributions or educational leadership;
  4. the name may be that of an educational leader of prominence and reputation beyond the school system; however, priority will be given to the names of educational leaders who have directly or indirectly helped students in this school system to succeed; and
  5. the name may specify the geographic locality of the school.

The superintendent shall submit a recommended name or limited list of recommended names to the board for approval.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-36, -47

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Revised: December 10, 2007

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