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All school system employees and students are to be diligent in their efforts to conserve resources and to prevent the wasteful loss of energy. Appropriate means and methods of energy conservation will be employed to minimize energy consumption, including but not limited to the design and operation of buildings, equipment and vehicles. All school system employees and students will share in the responsibility for the successful implementation of energy programs. The board specifically adopts the following energy conservation and management guidelines:

  1. The board and superintendent will employ appropriate staff and contractors whose assigned responsibilities include the development and implementation of energy conservation programs.
  2. Architectural and engineering design guidelines will include specific criteria for enhancing the energy efficiency of facilities. Designers for new building and major renovation projects must conform their plans to the design guidelines issued by the school system. Designers will be required to demonstrate that their designs are in conformance with these guidelines to the satisfaction of the superintendent or designee.
  3. Project budgets will include energy-efficient facilities and equipment that meet or exceed the performance criteria established in the school system’s architectural and engineering design guidelines.
  4. Budget requests for the operation and maintenance of existing facilities must include adequate funds to maintain and enhance the operating efficiency of buildings, building systems and related equipment.
  5. An energy analysis is to be performed at appropriate intervals after completion of new building and major renovations to compare actual consumption to consumption estimates projected by design consultants. These data will be used to further improve energy designs for future projects.

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Adopted: January 16, 1996

Revised: December 10, 2007

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