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GIFTS AND BEQUESTS   Policy Code:   8220

The board encourages individuals and organizations to consider making a gift or bequest to the school district. Such gifts foster community support for the schools and improve the school district for the benefit of students and others.

The superintendent shall evaluate any offers of gifts or bequests that are not revenues or gifts of nominal value. The superintendent must consider the suitability of the gift, any safety hazards it poses and the cost of maintaining the gift. The superintendent will ensure that donated computer equipment and other technological resources are compatible with minimum hardware and software standards set by the chief technology officer. After considering the superintendent’s recommendation, the board will decide whether to accept the gift on behalf of the school district.

Upon receiving notification of a donor’s intent to offer a gift to a school, a principal shall give written notification to the superintendent that states the nature of the gift and the purpose for which it is donated. The superintendent shall ensure that any offered gift imposes no undue financial burden or obligation on the school district.

The board establishes the following conditions for the acceptance of gifts. Other conditions may be set as the board deems appropriate.

  1. The superintendent may accept gifts of up to $1000.00 on behalf of the board. The superintendent shall report any accepted gifts at the next board meeting. The board reserves the right to determine in each particular case the appropriateness of any contribution and may accept or reject a contribution as the board sees fit.
  2. Gifts of real or personal property will be accepted only if the donor can demonstrate that he or she has clear and free title to the property.
  3. The donor may request that a gift or bequest be designated for use in a particular area. However, the board reserves the right to utilize the funds as deemed appropriate.
  4. The specific manner in which funds are expended within a designated area will be determined under the direction of the superintendent.
  5. A gift must not impose any undue financial burden or obligation on the school district.
  6. All supplies and equipment purchased with funds from any donor become the property of the board. The title to such property will vest in the board. Unless otherwise specified in a written agreement approved by the board, any gift or bequest becomes the permanent property of the school district. If the board at any time determines that such property is unnecessary or undesirable for public school purposes, the board may sell such property in accordance with state law.
  7. The board has no responsibility and makes no promises to continue any program initiated with donor contributions once the donated funds are expended.
  8. Any gift or donation that includes advertisement must be consistent with policy 5240, Advertising in the Schools.
  9. The board may reject any gift or donation that the board determines is in conflict with the educational mission of the school district.
  10. Before installation, the superintendent or designee must approve the design, location and construction material of major gifts that will become a permanent part of the school facility or grounds, such as playground equipment, bleachers, scoreboards, outdoor lights or fences, etc. Any such gift also must meet any required safety standards.

Any accepted gift or bequest constituting revenues will be deposited in the proper fund.

The superintendent shall provide for the appropriate recognition of contributors.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-36, -47, -518; G.S. 115C, art. 35

Cross References: Technology in the Education Program (policy 3220), Advertising in the Schools (policy 5240)


Revised: December 10, 2007

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