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RESIGNATION   Policy Code:   7900



Professional employees who intend to resign for any reason are encouraged to indicate their plans in writing at as early a date in the school year as possible, such as when plans become firm and/or the decision to leave the school system is made. A resignation becomes effective at the end of the school year in which it is submitted. A resignation for any other time requires 30 days’ notice unless the superintendent consents to a shorter notice period.

If a teacher has not been recommended for dismissal but fails to meet the notice requirements and the superintendent does not consent to a waiver of notice, the superintendent shall inform the board and recommend to the board whether a request should be made to the State Board of Education to revoke the teacher’s license for the remainder of the school year. The superintendent shall place a copy of the request in the teacher’s personnel file.

If a teacher who has been recommended for dismissal under the applicable state law resigns without the written consent of the superintendent, then: (1) the superintendent shall report the matter to the State Board of Education; (2) the employee shall be deemed to have consented to the placement of the written notice of the superintendent’s intention to recommend dismissal in the employee’s personnel file; (3) the employee shall be deemed to have consented to the release to prospective employers, upon request, of the fact that the superintendent has reported this employee to the State Board of Education; and (4) the employee shall be deemed to have voluntarily surrendered his or her license pending an investigation by the State Board of Education to determine whether to seek action against the employee’s license.


Letters of resignation must be submitted to the superintendent. Resignations may be accepted, on behalf of the board, by the superintendent or designee. To help ensure the smooth operation of the schools, 30 days’ notice is requested whenever possible.

Each employee who is leaving the school system may arrange to meet with any director, supervisor, or administrator to discuss his or her reasons for leaving and to identify any practices or policies that he or she feels are detrimental to the objectives of the school system. To the extent possible, statements made by employees will be confidential.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-47, -325(e) and -325(o) (applicable to career status teachers), -325.4 and -325.9 (applicable to non-career status employees)

Cross References: Personnel Files (policy 7820), Professional Employees: Demotion and Dismissal (policy 7930)

Adopted: June 30, 2014

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