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RETURN TO WORK   'Policy Code': 7570

Chatham County Schools is committed to assisting employees injured on the job to return to productive work as quickly and safely as possible following a Workers’ Compensation related injury or illness. Injured employees are, if appropriate, temporarily placed in transitional duty work, if available, to facilitate recovery from their accident. The purpose of the district's transitional return to work program is to assist employees on workers compensation in returning to work.

Transition duty assignments are in the discretion of the school district and will only be granted if it is determined that it is in the best interest of the school system, taking into account the safe and efficient operation of school functions.

'Transitional Duty' is defined as work activity performed by an employee who has incurred an occupationally-related injury or illness which has resulted in that employee's inability to perform some or all of their normal job activities. Transitional duty is usually an adaptation of the employee's original job which consists of returning the employee to the original work area with modified responsibilities or expectations to fulfill the duties required to perform the job. It may also include returning the employee to another department with responsibilities appropriate to the injured worker's skills and capabilities. It may also include a modified work schedule. Any employee failing to report for a transitional duty assignment, as assigned, may be subject to corrective action up to and including termination.

The employee should be monitored for improvement in his or her ability to function in his or her normal position until such time as the employee is able to return to work in that position without restrictions or with reasonable accommodations. The work reassignment should be a temporary one with a goal of returning to full duty without restrictions or with reasonable accommodations when the employee is released to do so.

An employee must provide appropriate written medical documentation releasing the employee to return to work and any temporary physician imposed restrictions.

Employees on a transitional Return to Work status remain subject to the employee rules and procedures of Chatham County Schools.

This policy and/or any implementing regulations are not intended to, and do not create, any additional employment rights on behalf of the employee, including any right to a temporary or transitional assignment.

Legal References: G.S. 97, article 1; G.S. 97-18.1(b), -32.1

Cross References:

Adopted: January 13, 2014

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