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The board believes that the appearance and the conduct of its faculty are of supreme importance in establishing a positive image for education in the community and for presenting a good example for students. Therefore, the board affirms its expectation that all personnel shall be professionally, neatly and appropriately attired for the work to be done. An employee’s dress must not disrupt or distract from the educational process and must be in accordance with health and safety standards. The superintendent shall communicate to employees guidelines for appropriate dress and appearance. Such guidelines may authorize the principal or department supervisors to develop specific dress or appearance requirements for each school or department.

Administrative and supervisory personnel shall set a good example in personal appearance and good manners and shall encourage and expect employees to dress in accordance with the board’s expectations. An employee’s supervisor will make an initial determination of whether an employee’s dress or appearance is inappropriate. In making this determination, the supervisor will consider the following factors:

  • the nature of the work;
  • whether the dress is consistent with a professional environment;
  • health and safety factors;
  • the nature of the employee’s public contact and the normal expectations of outside parties with whom the employee will work;
  • the employee’s interaction with students;
  • the prevailing practices of other workers in similar jobs; and
  • any properly established guidelines for dress or appearance.

If the supervisor determines that the employee’s dress violates these guidelines, the supervisor will counsel the employee regarding appropriate attire that is consistent with this policy and will determine whether the employee is allowed to remain at work or must leave work to change his/her dress. Any failure to follow the supervisor’s directive and/or blatant or repeated violations of this policy will subject the employee to disciplinary action up to, and including, dismissal.

Legal References: 115C-36, -47

Cross References:

Adopted: September 6, 1983

Revised: July 9, 2007

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