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ADMINISTRATIVE GOALS   Policy Code:   7305

The purpose of school administration is to help create and foster an environment in which students can learn most effectively. All administrative duties and functions are appraised in terms of the contributions that they make to better instruction and to higher student motivation and achievement. The board relies on its chief executive officer, the superintendent, to provide for the school district the professional leadership demanded by such a far-reaching goal.

The administrative organization of the school district is designed so that all divisions and departments of the central office and all schools are part of a single district guided by board policies that are implemented through the superintendent.

Major goals of the administration in the schools are:

  1. to manage the school’s various departments, units, and programs effectively;
  2. to provide professional advice and counsel to the board and to any advisory groups established by board action;
  3. to ensure the best and most effective learning programs:
  4. to keep abreast of current education developments;
  5. to arrange for the staff development necessary to meet the needs of personnel and students;
  6. to coordinate cooperative efforts toward improvement of learning programs, facilities, equipment, and materials; and
  7. to provide access in the decision making process to staff, students, parents, and others.

Legal References: 115C-36

Cross References:

Adopted: October 23, 1995

Revised: July 9, 2007

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