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The board is committed to minimizing disruptions to instructional time and the educational environment. Outside organizations or sales representatives will not solicit employees or students during working hours or the school day except for sales of class rings or other school related solicitations upon approval of the principal. Employees and students will not be required to make a contribution under any circumstance.

The superintendent or his or her designee must approve all distributions of fliers or other materials to employees and students by any outside organization.

Students, school organizations, teachers or other school personnel acting on behalf of the school may not sell commercial products during the instructional school day and must obtain approval from the principal for such sales during non-instructional hours. Each school is limited to two fundraisers per year; however, school-sponsored organizations may conduct additional fundraisers if the principal deems them educationally appropriate or necessary. Student-initiated, noncurriculum-related student groups, as defined in Policy 3620 (Extracurricular Activities and Student Organizations), shall not be allowed to conduct fundraising projects on school property. Fundraising projects conducted pursuant to this policy are subject to the provisions of Policy 5250 (Raffles).

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade involved in school-sponsored activities are prohibited from participating in fundraising involving door-to-door solicitations. School related organizations should attempt to avoid door-to-door solicitations.

Excluded from this policy are board-approved student fees, PTA or booster organizations’ approved projects, cafeteria operations and faculty and staff projects that do not involve students and are initiated by and for the members.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-36, -47

Cross References: Extracurricular Activities and Student Organizations (policy 3620), Raffles (policy 5250).

Adopted: August 6, 2007

Revised: November 13, 2008

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