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PARENT ORGANIZATIONS   Policy Code:   5010



The board encourages the development and participation of parent organizations that support the goals of the board and the schools. The board also supports parent organizations as an effective means of actively involving parents in the schools. The superintendent and school officials are expected to educate such organizations on the goals of the board and individual schools, especially as it relates to improving student success. The superintendent and school officials are expected to help such organizations to identify opportunities to assist the schools in meeting these goals.

Conditions for Establishing Parent Organizations

Parent organizations, including PTAs and booster clubs, are not considered a part of the school district. However, because the organizations and their activities reflect upon the school district, all parent organizations must accept the following conditions in order to operate in support of the schools.

  • All parent organizations and booster clubs must adopt a constitution and bylaws that set forth the purpose of the organization and the general rules and procedures by which it will operate. Each organization must provide a copy of the constitution, the by-laws, tax ID number and any revisions to these documents to the superintendent or his or her designee. .
  • Parent organizations must obtain prior approval from the principal for (1) any fund-raising event, (2) any purchase for the school, (3) any function involving the participation of students, or (4) any event which is likely to reflect upon the school or school district. At that time the principal will be expected to suggest needs of the school, including those not requiring fund raising, that are conducive to the active involvement of significant numbers of interested parents in meaningful service to the school and its students.
  • Parent organizations are responsible for maintaining their own financial records and establishing a system for handling and dispensing their funds. All school board policies must be followed when expenditures are for school activities use or when funds are to be raised through the use of, buildings, grounds, or through student participation. Employees of the school are not permitted to routinely manage the affairs of parent organizations during the workday.
  • Parent organizations are expected to take into account the cultural diversity and economic differences of students and parents in planning various functions.

The board of education will approve the establishment of parent organizations. Parent organizations that, after assistance from school officials, are unable to meet board policies will be disestablished by the board of education.

Donations to the School or School District

Any donated item to the school or the district must meet all legal requirements, including safety codes. Before accepting any such donation, the principal must ensure that funding is available to install and maintain all donated equipment, such as playground equipment, in compliance with all safety requirements. Technology equipment proposed for donation must meet the minimum requirements established by the superintendent or his or her designee. All items donated become the property of the school district. While the intent of the donation will be considered, the school district reserves the right to modify the use if the needs of the students or the school district change.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-36, -47

Cross References: Parental Involvement (policy 1310-4002)

Adopted: August 6, 2007

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