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The principal has the authority and responsibility to investigate and take appropriate action regarding any prohibited or criminal student behavior and any other behavior appropriately referred to him or her. The principal is responsible for informing students and parents of any standards or rules that, if violated, could result in short-term or long-term suspension or expulsion.

The teacher has the authority and responsibility to manage student behavior in the classroom and when students are under his or her supervision. The teacher is expected to implement the student behavior management plan and any other school standards or rules. The teacher may develop other standards or rules consistent with the direction provided by the board, superintendent and school principal. Every teacher, student teacher, substitute teacher, voluntary teacher, teacher assistant or other school employee is required to report to the principal all acts of violence occurring in school, on school grounds or at any school-sponsored activity.

Teachers and other school personnel have the authority to manage or remove disruptive or dangerous students from the classroom and other locations within the school building. School personnel may use reasonable force to control behavior or to remove a person from the scene in those situations when necessary:

  1. to correct students;
  2. to quell a disturbance threatening injury to others;
  3. to obtain possession of a weapon or another dangerous object on the person, or within the control, of a student;
  4. for self-defense;
  5. for the protection of persons or property; or
  6. to maintain order on school property, in the classroom, or at a school-related activity whether on or off school property.

Except as restricted by G.S. 115C-391.1, school personnel may use appropriate seclusion and restraint techniques reasonably needed in the circumstances described above as long as such use is consistent with state law and applicable board policies and procedures. (See policy 4303, Code of Student Conduct.)

Students must comply with all directions of principals, teachers, substitute teachers, student teachers, teacher assistants, bus drivers and all other school personnel who are authorized to give such directions during any period of time when they are subject to the authority of such personnel.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-47, -288, -307, -390.3, -391.1

Cross References: School Safety (policy 1510-4200-7270), Code of Student Conduct (policy 4303), Rules for Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Schools (Regulation 4302)

Adopted: August 8, 2011

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