Policy 2475

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SCHOOL RULES   Policy Code:   2475

All principals and school personnel are encouraged to initiate improvements to the educational program and services for students through school rules, standards and procedures. Unless specifically addressed by the board, the superintendent may determine what matters will be addressed through administrative procedures developed in accordance with policy 2470 and what matters may be addressed through school rules, standards or procedures established by the principal.

Principals are responsible for school rules, standards and procedures and are encouraged to involve staff, parents, students, professionals and citizens, as appropriate, in the development of school rules, standards and procedures.

At any time, the board or superintendent may review and direct the principal to modify, expand or omit a school rule, standard or procedure. All rules, standards or procedures must be consistent with applicable policies of the board, the administrative procedures of the superintendent, and any other applicable laws and regulations. School rules shall not be in conflict with or circumvent state laws or state and local board policies related to student discipline.

All local school rules relating to student discipline shall be submitted to the superintendent for his or her review. Each year prior to the first day of school for students, each principal must submit to the superintendent for review all locally developed written rules relating to student discipline that implement or supplement board policy or administrative procedure in order to ensure compliance with law and board policy.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-36, -47

Cross References: Dissemination and Preservation of Policies (policy 2430), Administrative Procedures (policy 2470)

Adopted: August 20, 2007, Revised January 14, 2013

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