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ADOPTION OF POLICIES   Policy Code:   2420

Policies may be proposed for adoption, amendment or repeal at any board meeting by any member of the board or by the superintendent. A request to place the proposed policy on the agenda must be made in accordance with board policy.

Policies will be adopted, amended or repealed only by the affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the board when such action has been scheduled on the agenda of a regular or special meeting. To permit time for study of a proposed adoption, amendment or repeal of a policy and to provide an opportunity for interested parties to react, such proposals will be presented as agenda items to the board in the following sequence:

  1. Discussion item – first reading of a proposed policy and sharing of any responses received from, staff, committees or the public; and
  2. Action Item – second reading of a policy and adoption or rejection.

Administration is encouraged to announce when a policy is being developed in a particular area in order for interested persons to submit suggestions. The board may choose to adopt a temporary policy to meet emergency conditions or address special events which will take place before formal action can be taken. If the board chooses to do this, it will cause to be entered in the minutes of the board a description of the conditions that necessitated adoption of a temporary policy. A temporary policy will automatically expire after three months unless the board has initiated the formal procedures for creating a permanent policy.

During discussion of a policy proposal, the views of the public, parents, students and staff will be considered. Amendments may be proposed by board members. An amendment will not require that the policy go through an additional reading except as the board determines that the amendment needs further study and that an additional reading would be desirable. The superintendent must record the adoption of the policy in the minutes of the board meeting in order for the policy to be considered official board policy.

Unless otherwise specified by the board, a policy is effective as of the date it is adopted by the board.

No policy formally adopted by the board of education may be revised or rescinded except by majority vote in accordance with policy 2342, Voting Methods.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-36

Cross References: Board Meetings Agenda (policy 2330), Voting Methods (policy 2342), Policy Review and Evaluation (policy 2440)

Adopted: August 20, 2007, Revised March 12, 2012

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