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BOARD MEETING AGENDA   Policy Code:   2330

The superintendent, in consultation with the chairperson and with the assistance of staff, will prepare a proposed agenda for each board meeting. A board member may, by a timely request, have an item placed on the agenda. A request by a board member to have an item of business placed on the agenda must be received in writing at least five working days before the meetings. (See board policy 2310, Public Participation at Board Meetings, regarding agenda requests by individuals or groups.)

Each board member will receive a copy of the agenda three days prior to the meeting, and it will be available for public inspection and/or distribution when it is distributed to the board members.

The chairperson, the superintendent or a board member may add items to the proposed agenda at the beginning of each regular or special meeting. Once the board votes to adopt the agenda, it may not be altered except by a two-thirds vote of the board members present.

It is the usual practice of the board for the agenda to be in writing. However, the absence of a written agenda or the absence of any particular item on a written agenda will not affect the validity of action taken by the board.

Legal References: G.S. 115C-36

Cross References: Duties of Officers (policy 2210), Public Participation at Board Meetings (policy 2310), Advance Delivery of Meeting Materials (policy 2335)

Adopted: August 20, 2007, Revised November 4, 2013

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