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BOARD COMMITTEES   Policy Code:   2230


Temporary Committees

Temporary committees may be appointed by the chairman, with the approval of the board, for a stated period of time. They are to relate to specific areas of special importance to the board. They will consist of a chairman and as many members as the board deems appropriate. With the approval of the board, temporary committees may be enlarged to include non-board members.

Temporary committees established by the board of education have no final authority. Their acts are under, subordinate, and advisory to the board of education.

Ad Hoc Committees

As time and situations demand, ad hoc committees may be appointed by the chairperson with the approval of the board. Ad hoc committees have no final authority and are subordinate and advisory to the board.

Open Meetings Law

All committees of the board are public bodies within the meaning of the North Carolina Open Meetings Law and are subject to all requirements of that law pertaining to notice, closed sessions, minutes, voting and penalties (see policy 2320, Compliance with Open Meetings Law).

Legal References: G.S. 115C-36; 143-318.9 et seq.

Cross References: Compliance with Open Meetings Law (policy 2320), Closed Sessions (policy 2321)

Adopted: August 20, 2007

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